The Road To Data Ownership – part 4

Database Access Methods For Techs and DBAs

We understand the significance of catering to the needs of the more technical users, such as engineering techs and database administrators (DBAs), who require direct access to the underlying database. RigReports offers various database access methods to accommodate their specific requirements, ensuring they have the necessary tools to effectively manage and analyze the data. 

This is part 4 of The Road To Better Data Ownership series of articles, for the previous articles:

1. Full Database Backup: For users who require complete control and access to the raw data, we provide the option of a full database backup.

This allows technicians and DBAs to obtain a snapshot of the entire database, including all tables, records, and relationships. With this backup, they can perform in-depth analysis, implement custom queries, and extract data as needed.

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The full database backup option ensures maximum flexibility and control for clients who prefer working directly with the database. 

2. Real-time Read-only Replica: In addition to the full database backup, we offer a real-time read-only replica of the live database.

This replica stays synchronized with the live database, providing technical users with access to up-to-date data without impacting the performance or integrity of the primary system.

Using a live replica, technicians and DBAs can perform complex queries, run analytics, and carry out diagnostic tasks without affecting the operational aspects of the live application without delays. This option strikes a balance between access to real-time data and maintaining system performance. 

3. Denormalized Data Warehouse: Recognizing that some technical users prefer working with denormalized data structures optimized for analytics, we provide the option of a denormalized data warehouse.

This separate database environment is specifically designed for analytical purposes, where data is transformed and organized in a way that facilitates complex reporting and analysis.

By offering a denormalized data warehouse, we enable technicians and DBAs to leverage powerful analytical tools and techniques on a dataset that is optimized for their specific needs. 

With these database access methods, we ensure that technical users have the appropriate tools and environments to work with the data effectively. Whether it’s a full database backup for granular control, a real-time read-only replica for up-to-date analysis, or a denormalized data warehouse for optimized analytics, our app caters to the diverse requirements of technicians and DBAs. 

Our commitment to data ownership extends to empowering technical users with the resources they need to manage, analyze, and extract insights from the underlying database. In the upcoming points of our roadmap, we will explore additional features that contribute to data ownership and accessibility for all users. 

Stay tuned for the next points in our roadmap, where we delve further into how our app promotes data ownership and accessibility.

The next step on this journey talks about giving software developers and data scientists direct access to the platform via developer tools and APIs

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