Jumpstart Enverus Drillinginfo Direct Access API Integrations

Disclaimer: Mi4 is not affiliated with Enverus. Mi4 does not endorse or recommend any particular data subscription service.

Mi4 has helped many of our clients integrate data from data subscription services into their own projects and data initiatives. One of the many subscription services we have implemented solutions around is Enverus Drillinginfo’s Direct Access API.  The Direct Access API allows Enverus customers with DI Plus subscriptions to access Enverus’ extensive collection of public data and bring it in-house.

TL/DR: Check out our C# Classes and SQL scripts for the Enverus Drillinginfo Direct Access API on our GitHub.

The applications of using the public data Enverus makes available with its Direct Access API are only limited by the imagination. Data Scientists looking for datasets for model training, Geologists analyzing formations, decision makers spotting emerging global and local trends. The API gives its subscribers access to production data, completions, perforations, rig movement, asset transactions, treatment jobs, directional surveys, and more.

The groundwork of most of the solutions we have developed around the Direct Access API involves saving the data into a tuned and indexed SQL database. From a development perspective, this requires creating a SQL table column and C# class member for every API data point our clients are interested in analyzing. When starting out, this is a time consuming task usually done by a developer who could be writing more meaningful code. There are some tricks to make it go faster, but it is still not a whole lot of fun.

We decided to make these foundational steps easier for the C# and SQL community and have posted the C# classes and SQL database table creation scripts we have developed for some of our solutions on our GitHub. Feel free to use these classes and scripts in your own projects. As the documentation on the GitHub repo states, “the information is made available ‘as is’ under an MIT license and official documentation should always be consulted.”

With the information available on our GitHub, organizations with DI Plus subscriptions can jump start their projects and save hours of development effort.

If your project requires more assistance than what the GitHub repo provides, Mi4 has consulting offerings to take you further. We can help your data project get off the ground or provide a turnkey environment as a service. We can help at whatever level of engagement you need.

If you are interested in how Mi4 could help your Enverus Drillinginfo data work for you, please contact us.

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