RigReports Shines at Energy Tech Night Houston

ETN Rocks, and last week RigReports Rocked ETN

The Energy Tech Night, or ETN, which is hosted by the great folks at Digital Wildcatters, is by far the wildest and most fun energy tech event of the year, and I’m not just saying that because I went home with an awesome gold chain around my neck!

Last Thursday afternoon, I was invited by DW to talk about RigReports at Energy Tech Night in Houston. RigReports is our Drilling and Daily Operations Reporting software we created at Mi4 and has enjoyed great reception by the Oil and Gas industry ever since we launched it last year.

The venue for the ETN event was at the Heights Theater. And there would be 6 companies competing for the coveted gold chain.

photo credit Diana Grauer https://twitter.com/dkgrauer

Once inside, I got to meet the 5 other energy startup entrepreneurs whom I’d be sharing the stage with, and competing for the gold against that night. There was:

I was very impressed with all the speakers and their solutions, especially Geolumina’s NVZN AI for Oil & Gas Subsurface.

Once of the great things about Digital Wildcatters’ ETN is that speakers cannot pay to pitch their product but are selected based on potential and merit, and are invited to speak at no cost.

Another great thing DW does for the small guys is they take the show on the road. A welcome news for the bootstrapping entrepreneurs who cannot travel easily. In 2023, ETN will take place in Houston, Denver, Midland, and OKC

I commend the Digital Wildcatters for levelling the playing field and facilitating exposure for startups.

RigReports For The Win

A typical RigReports demo usually takes 45 minutes, and we were told we have about 8 to 10 minutes each to make our pitch on stage. So I opted for the non-techy version of what the software does. And instead of talking about RigReports’ features and technology, I talked about our users, the folks we built RigReports for, and the problems it solves for them.

My fear of going off script and over the time limit was real, and I did both, you can see Jake Corley from DW here patiently trying to give me a hint that my time was up 5 minutes ago…

I demo’d the user interface to show how easy it was to create a new Job and to enter data, and automate the report distribution.

I also showed the audience an animation of the alpha, beta, and v1.0’s progress (wells drilled over time) which got a lot of applause.

Our Mi4 team members in the audience, who were cheering very loud, have all worked really hard for several years to create RigReports and the ETN event was an incredible opportunity for me to thank them for their efforts and to reaffirm to them firsthand how great of a job they did and how well received their work has been by the oil and gas industry.

The recognition we received by winning the gold speaks volumes about our how our community values innovative solutions from startups and small businesses. We remain steadfast in our mission to revolutionize the oil and gas sector, one report at a time.

Thank you Digital Wildcatters!

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