How Mi4 Corporation Helped Me Evolve

Hello readers. My name is Michael and I am a proud employee of Mi4 Corporation. January 16th of this year marks my 6 year anniversary of working at this company and I am proud to say that within this time frame I have drastically improved as both a software developer and a human being.

As soon as I entered Mi4 Corporation in 2012 I have found myself to be in extremely good hands. I am constantly learning from everyone at the company, and being guided by them in terms of what to do and not to do when it comes to working on software projects for the real world. I feel like I’ve learned a lot more here than I ever did in college. Everyone around me at Mi4 is very friendly, experienced and has helped me grow both professionally and personally.

Working for Mi4 Corporation has led me to become a better programmer. I feel like I write better code now due to the experience I gain daily by working, and from the guidance we give each other in terms of how to write better, more efficient code and keep up with the technology to prevent our software from becoming obsolete.

Another aspect which I have become better at is problem solving, which like writing code is a key skill when it comes to software development. Here at Mi4 we strive to come up with the simplest solution that satisfies the requirements so that we can deliver quality software on schedule. Over the years I feel like I have become much better at finding such solutions more efficiently by knowing where to look first and getting to the right sources more quickly.

To me, this is what Mi4 Corporation is all about – helping people grow. Well, I guess Mi4 is about creating top notch software and IT solutions….but also helping people grow.

I look forward to working for Mi4 Corporation for many years to come, putting my best efforts into software development and being a good team member.  I look at this anniversary as a milestone, an accomplishment.  I know I have added value in my 6 years at the company but I am also very grateful for the value it has added for me.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone at Mi4 Corporation for guiding me down this road and making me into who I am today!

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