Productioneer’s Daily Production BI Report

We recently put together a video highlighting the features of Productioneer’s Daily Production BI Report. We are proud to include this BI Report as a standard offering in every Productioneer subscription. Our Productioneer customers can access it using the Productioneer Report Portal.

One aspect of the report that the video does not directly touch on is the BI Report was crafted with performance in mind. We tuned the data model and report design to offer a responsive user experience. Here are a few of the best practices and strategies we used to optimize the report:

  • Using stock visualizations instead of custom visuals
  • Reducing the number of slicers on the canvas and utilizing the Filter Pane
  • Specifying interactions across all visuals to avoid unnecessary background calculations

The report works out-of-the-box for all Productioneer customers and has many advantages over standard paginated reports.

As mentioned in the video, the report can work with other Oil and Gas Production software as well. If you are interested in utilizing this report or other BI Reports in your organization, we would be excited to talk with you.

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