Productioneer Report Portal General Release

Mi4 is excited to announce the public release of the Productioneer Report Portal to all of our Productioneer customers. The Productioneer Report Portal allows Productioneer users to see their Productioneer reports directly in a web browser. To use the portal, users do not need to have Productioneer installed on their computers and can now view their reports on tablet or mobile devices.

Access to the Productioneer Report Portal is included with a Productioneer subscription and is available to all Productioneer customers at no additional cost. Since Productioneer is not priced by user, Productioneer customers can give any member of their organization or partners access to the portal at no additional fee.

The Productioneer Report Portal offers all of the reporting features available in Productioneer Blue:

  • Export to PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PPT, TIFF, XML, HTML
  • Add/Remove Favorite Reports
  • View Multiple Reports in Separate Tabs
  • Security – users can only see the reports they have been given access to
  • Productioneer Password Resets can be accomplished with the portal

An added feature in the Report Portal is the ability to search for reports by part of the report name. For example, if a user is looking for a Well Test report and cannot remember which folder the report is in, the search feature can be used to display all the reports that have the word “test” in them.

The convenience of the portal also opens up potential operational improvements and workflows.

No More Emails! Give your Partners Access!

One exciting ability Productioneer customers now have with the Productioneer Report Portal is giving their partners access to a limited subset of reports and only for the wells they have interest in.

Instead of emailing  partners weekly or monthly, Productioneer subscribers can give their partners limited access to the Productioneer Report Portal. Your partners can then go to the portal at their convenience and run the reports themselves.

Limited Report List for Partners

We are very excited to provide an alternative to repetitive email workflows. Having partners access the portal directly can save Productioneer customers hours of tedious work and free up their resources for greater productivity.

Give Your Vendors & Service Companies Access!

Sharing data with vendors just got easier. Our customers can now give vendors access to a limited number of reports to share operational data. Some examples include:

  • Chemical Reports
  • Lift Reports
  • Compressor Runtime Reports

Instead of emailing reports to your vendors or installing Productioneer on their computers, vendors and service companies can see authorized reports in the Productioneer Report Portal.

Existing Productioneer customers can access the portal at If you would like more information about Productioneer or the Report Portal please email us at

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