Productioneer Update

Our first Productioneer update of 2018 has been released! Version has added lots of new data points for analysis and reporting. The official “What’s New”  content is below:

Version: (1/25/2018)

  • Fixed bug causing intermittent errors sending emails when a user tries to reset their password
  • Added new columns to Well Production (Lift Method, Downtime Code, Timer Clock %, etc.) and SWD tabs (totalizer reset, spot rate, etc.)
  • Added ability to record discrete downtime codes in well daily data
  • Added support for more data related to pump efficiency calculations
  • Lift method, SPM, and Stroke Length are now visible and can be changed by the user
  • A new well attribute has been created that can mark a well as an intermittent producer. These wells can sporadically have production but be excluded from uptime calculations
  • Fixed minor bug that was causing all SWD wells in a field to display in the SWD tab even when a single beat/route was filtered
  • Added Beat/Route filtering support to Gas Sales Meters tab as an optional feature
  • Carry forward functionality extended for comments and tank gauges
  • Applied all recent security patches and updates to the data centers
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