New Feature: DIY CHARTS – now in Beta

Hey DIYers: you asked and we listened, Productioneer now has a new tab for you to create your own charts. We know you love our built-in charts but you still would like to be able to create your own, we get it!

On a more serious note: any data series usually available in a canned Productioneer report or chart or dashboard will be available for plotting on your DIY Charts. The new charts templates you create can be saved, annotated, shared, cloned, printed, pickled, etc.

We know you don’t read the manual so we didn’t make one for this feature.

The video below is a quick demo, try it out or let us know if you would like more hands on training.



As usual, we appreciate your feedback so we can make it better!

Warning: Any eye damage caused by improper use of neon green or fuchsia in your DIY charts is not our fault!!!

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