Virtual (Machine) Reality

Virtual Machines are great. Free stuff is great. Free Virtual Machines are awesome.

Many people are unaware that Microsoft offers Windows virtual machines (VMs) for free. In fact they offer Windows VMs with the latest updated versions of Visual Studio installed on them. This is super useful for software development and testing.

Microsoft also provides virtual machines from Windows 7 to present with various preinstalled browser configurations. These VMs are intended for web developers to use for compatibility testing, but they can be freely used by anyone for other purposes as well. Continue reading “Virtual (Machine) Reality”

We moved!

Whew! MI4 has moved! No one likes the chaos and stress of moving offices, but we are meeting new neighbors and enjoying new views. Check out a view from our office. What a great way to get a fresh perspective on Houston and on developing custom solutions for our clients.
We settled into our new offices just in time to release the latest update to Productioneer. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Productioneer update.