Redgate Certified Partner

Mi4 is excited to announce that we are now a Redgate Certified Partner.

Redgate makes ingeniously simple software used by over 800,000 IT professionals and is the leading Microsoft SQL Server tools vendor. Redgate’s philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools which elegantly solve the problems developers and DBAs face every day.

Mi4 customers have actually been enjoying the benefits of Redgate’s tools for years without realizing it. We employ SQL Compare to rollout updates across all of our customers’ databases and use SQL Monitor to ensure the Productioneer databases are operating at peak performance.

Now that Mi4 is a Redgate partner, we can help our current and future clients use Redgate’s tools for themselves in their own data centers, on their own databases. Here are some of the issues you may be having that Redgate and Mi4 can help you solve:

  • Database Change Management
  • User Permission Analysis
  • Query Analysis & Tuning
  • Automation of Maintenance and Deployment Tasks
  • Rapid Database Recovery
  • …and many more

Redgate is a recognized leader in data platform tools and Mi4 is very proud  to be a Redgate partner. If you are interested in learning how Redgate can help you or if you want to know more about Mi4’s remote DBA services, please contact us.

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